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   Thank you for your interest in our products. To purchase or receive a quotation for the antique Chinese furniture, please follow the below.
A. Just direct send us the ID numbers you want by email to
We will reply to your order request in one or two days through email, with attached the excel wish list  then sending you the final quotation (including the cost
       of freight).
   C. If we reach an agreement on the price. Your order will be processed when your 30% down payment is received. When the BOL is issued you have to pay the
       final payments.
We shall effect shipment with the least possible delay upon receipt of the credit and mail relevant bill of document to you. Our shipping is very reliable and
       professional and we do everything possible  to keep our costs down.
   For most countries, if your furniture is packed by wooden boxes, it will be required to be fumigated   before it leaves China. We will provide the service and the
   fumigating documentation for you.Let you have no penalty at your home customs. It may cost you a few thousand dollars to do the fumigating at your country.
   The cost will be included in the package service as shown later. 
   Air Freight:
   This most expensive way to ship your furniture back home, but it is most fast way to reach your home.For most small items or valuable items, you should
   consider to send it by air freight. We can pack your furniture and delivery it to the airport at your request.
   Sea Freight:
   We delivery most furniture to your home by this way world-widely, because it is most cost effective way to send your furniture. Most of dealers send their purchase
   by this way. There are three sizes of containers for a regular service for furniture in large quantity. We also often send furniture for our customer by wooden crater. 
   20' Containers about 28 cubic meter volume 40' Containers about 60 cubic meter volume High Cube 40' Containers about 78 cubic meter volume We have our own
   shipping agent in Hangzhou and Shanghai. We can use the service at a deep discount rate.
   Wooden Crater:
   We can ship furniture from one cubic meter up to 15 cubic meters by this method. When it is over 15 cubic meter, you can worth to use a full 20' container.
   Please allow 3 to 5 weeks for delivery as we should ship the goods from Shanghai or Ningbo, China to your destination.
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