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   How do I get to your shop?
We are two hours South of Shanghai. There are plenty of trains and buses every day. We do sometimes can meet customer's flight if needed.
   How do I get to Shanghai or Hangzhou by plane?
From most destinations you will want to go to Shanghai then make arrangements from there. From  Hong Kong there are flights everyday to Hangzhou.
   How do I get the cheapest plane ticket?
Usually the cheapest flights are still to be found in the largest local Travel section of the Sunday paper, shop around as prices vary widely.
   How do we make hotel and travel arrangements in China?
The arrangements made really depends on the needs of the customer. We can make arrangements in Shanghai and Hangzhou for clean, safe, cheap and
   convenient hotels. Alternatively it is also quite convenient nowadays to make your own arrangements over the internet.
   How can we trust you?
It depends on how well you know us. That is why we suggest a visit for first time buyers. It is wise to be cautious with anyone you meet over the internet.
   We have an excellent reputation and have managed to keep all but a couple of customers happy over the years (some people are never happy). In some cases
   we will give out references if an order seems to get going well, but this has been abused by some people we contacted over the internet. We usually suggest a
   phone call early on in the process in order to get to know each other a bit better.
   How do you know the age of the pieces you have?
It takes a lot of time and experience. We have over foury workers and craftsmen that know their wood and furniture. It helps a lot that we source our goods
   directly from the country. Even for us we are usually very cautious with porcelain and bronze pieces as there are 'lots' of reproductions out there. We are quite
   confident of the originality of our antiques but also carry lots of "good' reproductions. All in all we recommend caution when doing business in China in general,
   and even more so in the 'antique' trade, many shops are not legitimate.
   Do you issue 'Authenticity Certificates'?
There are many groups in China that will issue authenticity certificates and put wax seals on pieces. They are not worth the paper they are printed on unless
   you need it for import duty reductions. We can obtain them when necessary.
We can refurbish pieces in many different colours. Though the Chinese never had yellow, blue, green, ect. colours we have had a strong demand for pieces
   finished in these colours.  
   What is the difference between antiques, fakes, reproductions, art, refurbishing, modifications etc.???antiques: Antique are original old pieces reproductions:
   Reproductions are reproductions based on pieces and styles that used to exsite fakes: A fake is when you call a reproduction an antique refurbishing: The art
   of taking an old worn out piece of furniture etc. and restoring it to a proper and usable condition modification: When an antique is modified into something else.
   Common examples would be an eight god dinner table into a coffee table or making cabinets out of old windows and carvings etc.
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