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   Partial shipments are any shipments less then a 20ft. container. The shipping and handling per piece is more expensive then for a whole container. Pieces must
   be packaged in wood crates and paperwork is almost as much as for a whole container. However the total cost after delivery to the customer is most likely much
   less then if they bought the piece in an antique shop.. For customers interested in partial shipments simply give us the id numbers of the pieces you want and
   the destination so we can confirm availability, quote you a price for shipping, and tell you roughly how many smalls you can fit into the shipment. Because of all
   the work involved we have a minimum dollar amount of UD$4,600 of goods per  shipment.

For partial shipments there is a per shipment document and processing fee of US$650 (up from 650usd, sorry, brokers are charging more).
   To most countries there is now a mandatory 'Fumigation' required which is US$350 per shipment,   whether it is a whole container or just one cubic meter.
   For other countries we recommend that you  check with your local customs on this requirement. Total 400usd fixed fees.
   There is an additional per cubic meter packing in wood crates and shipping fee within China of US$650/m3
   In addition there is international per cubic meter shipping fees as follows (Sample destinations): (*all cubic meters are rounded up to highest meter for shipping
   All partial shipments must be paid for in advance. Shipping is normally within one week after funds are received.
   For other destinations and quotes please email
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