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   Shipping is by wood crate for less then container loads, ie. less then a 20ft. container load. Call for  a quote by the cubic meter to your destination. Otherwise
   we ship by 20 or 40ft. container. Call for a quote to your destination. We leave from the ports of Ningbo or Shanghai. Shipments by sea normally take 3-4 weeks
   to arrive after order is completed.
   Total charges in China per 20ft. container for all fumigation, shipping, insurance, paperwork, processing etc. is 3,600usd. 40ft / 5,000usd / container. See partial
   shipments for charges on small shipments. (We have a 5000usd minimum order!!) 
   Each shipment includes an id number on each individual piece of furniture, a corresponding excel write-up of each piece including age, wood, characteristics, etc.,
   a jpeg of the piece and all the shipping paperwork including packing list and invoice, certificates of origin, fumigation certificates, and bills of lading etc. (for Europe
   we supply 'authenticity' certificates). All pieces are wrapped and marked with id. no. on the outside. For partial shipments wood crates are necessary for shipping,
   see 'partial shipments'.
   After goods are sent we express mail all pertinent documents to shipping address given by buyer.Shipping is either to a main port or city. (Sometimes we can
   arrange delivery to a private address). If you haven't imported before we suggest you check in the Yellow Pages for 'Custom House Brokers' to do your import
   paper work (prices vary so shop around), and 'Freight Forwarders' to help with any other shipping needs you may have. Often a good Custom House Broker can
   arrange follow up shipping if it is needed.
   Like many things, the paperwork and shipping is quite simple "once" you've done it.
   For a custom house broker shop around. Quite similar to booking a plane ticket. Charges for the same work range from 100usd/shipment to 300usd/shipment.
   Make sure you like your broker and that they don't charge more then 150usd/shipment.
   We have our own shipping agent, could provide competitive shipping prices and timely shipping time to main ports or cities worldwide. 
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